Along Came Jones (1945) 720p YIFY Movie

Along Came Jones (1945)

A good-natured saddle tramp traveling with his sidekick, is mistaken for a ruthless outlaw with a price on his head.

IMDB: 6.62 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Along Came Jones (1945) 720p

Riding into Payneville, easy-going cowboy Melody Jones is mistaken by the townsfolk for notorious gunman Monte Jarrad. The real Jarrad is hiding out wounded on the ranch of childhood sweetheart Cherry. She has the idea of sending Jones off to decoy the pursuing posse, but once he's met Cherry, Jones has other plans.

The Director and Players for Along Came Jones (1945) 720p

[Director]Stuart Heisler
[Role:]William Demarest
[Role:]Loretta Young
[Role:]Gary Cooper

The Reviews for Along Came Jones (1945) 720p

Cooper is Hollywood's greatest simpletonReviewed byGhenghyVote: 6/10

Too bad they didnt give him any material to work with in this turkey.

Cooper plays a dimwitted cowpoke (not much of a stretch) mistaken for a notorious outlaw. Some light moments, but no humor. Actually, about the only highlight here is a gorgeous Loretta Young as the outlaw's reluctant girlfriend. OK, I'm out of compliments.

An interesting but overlong diversion, only for huge fans of the genre, or Gary Cooper. 6/10

A slight but entertaining WesternReviewed byMartinHaferVote: 7/10

While this film is far from great, I appreciated how at least those who made the film tried to make something different than the usual insipid Western. While I love a well-made Western, I think most Hollywood Westerns of the 30s, 40s and 50s were incredibly formulaic and routine. As a result, I usually avoid them like the plague! So I was very, very happy to stumble upon this film since it is far from typical of the genre.

Gary Cooper and his buddy, William Demarest wander into a small town and Cooper is mistaken for a desperado who just robbed the stage coach. Instead of apprehending him, everyone is so afraid and treat him royally! However, Loretta Young quickly comes up and whisks them out of town. She knows that they are not the robbers and gets them out before they accidentally get shot! She knows, by the way, because the REAL robber is her boyfriend! Well, instead of continuing to explain the plot, I'll leave this up to you. Bowever the film is excellent due to very good acting by all the stars. Cooper and Young are wonderful and that's no surprise, and Dan Duryea is a great slimy villain (as usual), but the stand-out performance for me was Demarest. Instead of the usual idiotic supporting character he usually played in the 30s and 40s (especially in Preston Sturgess films), his supporting role was pretty serious and he effectively played a slightly older tough cowboy, so he was effective without being overly comical--I liked that.

See this film if you want something different AND has decent production values. While not a great film, it is very entertaining and fun--though not exactly a comedy like the videotape jacket said it was.

Wonderful Western ComedyReviewed byutgard14Vote: 7/10

Laid-back cowboy Melody Jones (Gary Cooper) rides into town with his partner George Fury (William Demarest). The men are surprised by how everybody seems to be especially nice to Melody, almost as if they're afraid of him. After being saved from a shot in the back by a woman named Cherry (Loretta Young), Melody finds out the townspeople think he is a notorious outlaw named Monte Jarrad (Dan Duryea) and that was the reason for their deference. Melody quickly falls in love with the pretty Cherry but he doesn't know that she is actually Monte Jarrad's girlfriend and has him hid out on her farm.

Delightfully pleasant western satire with a terrific cast. Cooper doesn't always get the respect he deserves as an actor but movies like this remind you of how talented he was. Loretta Young is great as well. It was interesting to see a movie made in 1945 where the hero had to be saved by a woman and that was treated as OK. Dan Duryea makes for a great villain, as he always did. But the man who steals the show is the great William Demarest. Every line that comes out of his mouth is better just for him having said it. This actor was a highlight of many a Preston Sturges film and here he plays his comedic sidekick role just right. He never overplays it or hams it up. Check this one out if you get the chance. A fun, likable western with lots of comedy and some romance too.

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