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Attack Force Z (1982)

Attack Force Z is a movie starring John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, and Sam Neill. A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

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The Synopsis for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

The Director and Players for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

[Director]Tim Burstall
[Role:]John Phillip Law
[Role:]Chris Haywood
[Role:]Sam Neill
[Role:]Mel Gibson

The Reviews for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

Reviewed bybkrauser-81-311064Vote: 6/10/10

Attack Force Z; A movie saved from obscurity solely because it providedearly rolls to Mel Gibson and Sam Neill. Throw parallels to The Guns ofNavarone (1961), The Dirty Dozen (1967) and Where Eagles Dare (1968)and you got yourself an Australian knock-off of early tough-soldier-man American bravado.

A group of Australian special forces is deployed during WWII to recoverthe passengers of a downed plane in Japanese occupied Dutch EastIndies. There they kick the proverbial hornets nest and try to stayalive thanks to the help of an underground resistance movement.

It was hard to get into this one largely due to its constant clichés. Iguess I have seen the dramatic self-sacrifice of a noble comrade andstealth gone awry because a twig snapped way too many times. Thecharacters themselves aren't incredibly developed and any attempt toflesh them out feels jerky and unnatural. At one point it just getsabsurd as one character stays behind to protect the love interest hehad shared a room with only a few cuts ago. Granted she prevented himfrom being discovered but besides a common enemy they had little toreally bond over.

Another major problem I had was the elongated scenes involving otherlanguages like Japanese and Cantonese. Perhaps it was just the versionI saw but with no subtitles provided, I was forced to guess what theywere saying and only later confirm what was going on. Plus if I'm notmistaken, they speak Malay in Indonesia not Cantonese.

Reviewed byAldanoliVote: 8/10/10

An odd little curio of an Australian action movie, made in 1982,enjoyable in itself as a popcorn movie for its WWII commando story. Butit would largely be forgettable were it not that two of itslower-ranking actors--Australian Mel Gibson and New Zealander SamNeill--were soon to became big international stars. Gibson, it's true,had made *Gallipoli* and a few other Australian movies, and Neill hadstarred in a delightful little picture called *My Brilliant Career*(with Judy Davis, no less), but both were largely unknown at this time.The headliner in *Attack Force Z* was good ol' American pulp-actionhero John Philip Law, whose credits went all the way back to the early'60s and included the likes of *The Russians are Coming! The Russiansare Coming!* Yet Law, for all his good looks and occasional noteworthyappearances, never reached anything like the fame that awaited his twoco-stars in this minor action picture. It's worth seeing if only to bereminded that *everybody* has to understudy somebody else early in hisor her career.

Reviewed byEuromuttVote: /10

"Attack Force Z" depicts a fictitious operation by a five-man team fromZ Special Unit, a predominantly Australian special operations unit inWorld War II, who are assigned to infiltrate a Japanese-occupied islandin (presumably) the Dutch East Indies to rescue the aircrew of a downedAllied aircraft. The team is plagued by recurring bad luck (whichquickly alerts the Japanese to their presence) and by friction betweenthe inexperienced team leader, Captain Paul Kelly (Gibson), and hismore experienced but erratic subordinate, a Dutch lieutenant named JanVeitch (Law), the team's most fluent Chinese speaker. When the teammanages to enlist the aid of the local resistance, further frictiondevelops between Kelly and the local cell leader, Lin Chan-Lang (Ko),who resents Kelly's holding back information about the plane'soccupants. About halfway in, however, we do discover why Kelly is understrict orders to keep clam.

For a (relatively) low-budget war movie, "Attack Force Z" is prettygood. The costumes and weapons are about as historically accurate asfeasible, and the filming location--Taiwan--is convincing enough as anisland at the other end of the South China Sea. Particularly enjoyableis the fact that Asian characters speak their respective languages onscreen, rather than accented English. This, however, does lead me tothe film's main problem, at least to me, which is that it's a messethnographically and consequently linguistically. Because it was shotin Taiwan with a mostly Taiwanese (or otherwise ethnically Chinese)cast, the island's population appears to be entirely ethnically Chinesewithout a single speaker of Malay (as it was then called) in evidence,the occasional pitji cap-wearing extra notwithstanding. This alsoresults in the somewhat unlikely situation of Veitch being fluent inChinese rather than Malay.

Veitch is the most problematic character in the film. The originaldirector, Phillip Noyce, left the project at least partly because hedisagreed with the producers over the choice of John Phillip Law toplay Veitch, and bluntly, he was right: Law simply doesn't pull offanything resembling a credible Dutchman. It's not entirely his fault,though, because the writer and producers don't seem to have ever somuch as met a Dutch person, as is apparent from the fact that Veitchisn't even a Dutch name (insofar as I can make out, it's Scottish).Admittedly, I am myself Dutch and my paternal grandmother's familylived in the East Indies so this is a niggle that maybe affects me morethan the typical viewer but it's emblematic of what's wrong with anotherwise perfectly enjoyable film. Enough so that I can almostoverlook how all the team members manage to stay clean shaven despitenot having time to shave.

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