Spare Parts (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Spare Parts (2015) 1080p

Spare Parts is a movie starring George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Carlos PenaVega. Four Hispanic high school students form a robotics club. With no experience, 800 bucks, used car parts and a dream, this rag tag team goes up...

IMDB: 7.30 Likes

  • Genre: Drama |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.19G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Spare Parts (2015) 1080p

Four Hispanic high school students form a robotics club under the leadership of their school's newest teacher, Fredi. With no experience, 800 bucks, used car parts and a dream, this rag tag team goes up against the country's reigning robotics champion, MIT. On their journey, they learn not only how to build a robot- they learn to build a bond that will last a lifetime.

The Director and Players for Spare Parts (2015) 1080p

[Director]Sean McNamara
[Role:]George Lopez
[Role:]Jamie Lee Curtis
[Role:]Marisa Tomei
[Role:]Carlos PenaVega

The Reviews for Spare Parts (2015) 1080p

Review and Rating on Spare PartsReviewed byzaid-87403Vote: 3/10

This movie, in comparison to other movies with a similar plot, was almost completely as expected. The plot was a very repeated one. The script in general was average. The composition was above average, but not excellent. In many parts of the movie I got bored. The movie really met the genre of the film. The acting was above average. The actors were not likable and didn't get me engaged with the movie. I had no problem with not finishing the movie. Nevertheless, the script was very good, the character development was average, the plot was somehow interesting, the content of the movie met it's genre, and the film was to some extent fun to watch. Overall quality of movie: Average. Rating of movie: 27/100. (2.7/10)

Very Inspirational!Reviewed bybsb_rusVote: 8/10

The movie is based on a true story about the undocumented high school students from Arizona, who participate in underwater robotics competition and compete against top universities in the Nation. With limited budget, but with creative minds and a desire to win, they manage to build a decent robot and manage to impress the judges with their presentation. I am a robotics coach and I took my robotics team to watch this film. Definitely a must-watch especially if you are a coach, teacher, student , or parent. The students also enjoyed it a lot and got inspired. The movie also has very good soundtracks and has funny scenes.

The immigrants and the miracle .Reviewed byMohammedalmegairhiVote: 8/10

I really liked the movie's morals , this movie tells you that everyone has his mission in this life , nobody is useless here , his value might not be noteworthy as for solo work , but it will be remarkable in a team work , and that's what the movie incites us to do or rather shows us ,and how strong and full of surprises the team work is . The movie highlighted on another major point , which is the immigrants , showed us how gainful they might be , and that they are not all alike , a lot of them are genial who love The US more than its natives , and some won't hesitate to help for no return , and how some of them are suffering because the ICE pursues them but they don't want to go back to Mexico because they like The USA , they want to be part of the community , so as i grasp ,the message was to deport the criminals and support the smart and diligent or even the people who want to serve America in any way , the movie attained a huge earnings and i believe it deserved it , i gave this movie 8 because of some expected scenes or moments , but overall the movie worth the 115 minutes .

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