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The Big Sleep (1946) 1080p

The Big Sleep is a movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and John Ridgely. Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a rich family. Before the complex case is over, he's seen murder, blackmail, and what might be love.

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The Synopsis for The Big Sleep (1946) 1080p

The Big Sleep is the story of private investigator Philip Marlowe, who is hired by a wealthy general to find out and stop his youngest daughter Carmen from being blackmailed about her gambling debts. Almost immediately, Marlowe finds himself deep within a web of love triangles, blackmail, murder, gambling, and organized crime. With the help of the General's eldest daughter Vivian, Marlowe skillfully plots to free the family from this web and trap Eddie, the main man behind much of this mischief, to meet his end at the hands of his own henchmen.

The Director and Players for The Big Sleep (1946) 1080p

[Director]Howard Hawks
[Role:]Lauren Bacall
[Role:]Humphrey Bogart
[Role:]John Ridgely
[Role:]Martha Vickers

The Reviews for The Big Sleep (1946) 1080p

The Big Sleep is a crazy convoluted mess.Reviewed bykevintp-11042Vote: 7/10

The Big Sleep is a convoluted mess that leaves you wondering, "What just happened?". Although the movie includes impeccable dialogue and incredible acting by Bogart (Marlowe) and Bacall (Vivian Reagan) with a strong supporting cast, the scenes move so quickly it may take several watches to figure what is happening.

Many times the scenes move so quickly, and so many characters are introduced I was left completely confused. There were so many subplots and characters intricately connected, it was difficult to follow. Such as the scene where the Sternwood's chauffeur died, I still cannot pinpoint who killed him. Bogart, encapsulates Marlowe perfectly, and Bacall who plays Vivian Reagan is able to bring out a convincing performance.

The rapid scenes and sudden actions by each character do not really leave any time to process what just happened. The movie does have an incredible score and sound effects, such as the gun shots. But, I was really not able to understand what was happening. Although the cast gives an incredible performance, I really could not understand all the points of the story.

Overall the music works perfectly with each scene and the cast does an admirable job, the confusing plot cannot be ignored. Throughout the movie I was left extremely lost and that really detracted from my enjoyment of the movie.

My head's still spinningReviewed byDanimal-7Vote: 7/10

THE BIG SLEEP is one of the more entertaining private eye movies I have seen. A dying old man has two beautiful, uncontrollable daughters: Vivien (Lauren Bacall), and Carmen (Martha Vickers). Carmen is being blackmailed, and her father hires P.I. Christopher Marlowe (the beloved Humphrey Bogart) to get the blackmailer off her back. But Marlowe finds that somebody else has done this job for him: the blackmailer is murdered almost under his nose. And as he puts it, "That didn't stop things. That just starts 'em."

I have not read Raymond Chandler's novel, on which this movie was based, but those who have say the title refers to death. That is never explained in the movie. Howard Hawks packs so much plot into 114 minutes of footage that the movie feels like it's bursting at the seams. The story is not incomprehensible as some would have it; while there are many improbable coincidences, there is no element I can point to and say "That couldn't have happened." (Although I'm still not quite sure how Carmen got into Marlowe's apartment). True, the plot really is very hard to follow, and Marlowe's periodic explanations of events, without which the movie would indeed be nonsensical, smack more of inspired guesswork than logical deduction. But the furious pace at which the plot unfolds lends more excitement to the movie than nine out of ten of today's lazily plotted would-be thrillers.

THE BIG SLEEP's greatest strength is its delightfully droll dialogue. When Chandler writes the novel and then Faulkner helps adapt it, you expect some verbal fireworks, and you sure do get them. "How do you like your brandy?" "In a glass." - "You're not very tall, are you?" "I try to be." - "I'm getting cuter every minute." - "Such a lot of guns around town, and so few brains." - "Is it any of your business?" "I could make it my business." "I could make your business mine." "You wouldn't like it. The pay's too small." - "She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up." Bogie and Bacall get two of the best exchanges; they have a horse-racing discussion where racy double-entendres are dripping like savory sauce off of every word, and they also get a truly hilarious telephone conversation where Marlowe convinces Vivien not to call the police.

But THE BIG SLEEP has a harder side that is also effective. It is shockingly violent for a movie produced under the stern eyes of the Hayes code censors. The movie is too unpredictable to generate much suspense (you can't dread something you don't know is going to happen), but the ending is one of the most intense, nailbiting scenes you'll ever see.

The 1940s were not a great era for film music, which makes Max Steiner's brooding score all the more impressive. The print I saw was very low-quality, so I can't judge the cinematography.

The acting is wonderful. Bogart gets to show his chops at one point by switching off the hard-boiled personality he developed for THE MALTESE FALCON and impersonating an antiquarian bookworm. Bacall radiates class whether she's at ease smoking in a cafe or outwitting a man holding her at gunpoint. Martha Vickers' Carmen strikes the perfect balance of appealing seductiveness and outright nastiness.

One final note: this movie is almost Bond-like in terms of the number of appallingly beautiful women Marlowe accidentally encounters, all of whom seem to have a burning desire for him. Even his taxi driver wants him. Dorothy Malone, whose character name we never learn, plays the sexiest book seller you will ever meet (and yes, she wears glasses; eat your heart out, Dorothy Parker!). Minus fifty points for credibility, plus a hundred points for entertainment. Regrettably, I cannot promise similar thrills for the female audience; it just kind of depends on how you like Men In Suits.

Rating: ***1/2 out of ****.

Bogey's rugged and sophisticated charisma....."So many guns; so few brains"Reviewed bytim-764-291856Vote: 7/10

All the girls/women in Howard Hawk's 1946 Classic 'The Big Sleep' either want to sit in his lap, remove their reading spectacles for or flirt with Humph in one way or another. Even if they don't actually like him, you can almost smell their respect for him.

As we all know, the Raymond Chandler story is both complex and intriguing, but that's only half of it. You can stick this movie on umpteen times (as I do) and there's always bits that seem new and fresh, as well as the those that linger long and deep, like a fabulous fragrance. The story, for me is almost second fiddle, though it could easily be first, if I chose it to be. The period detail, the sharp banter and the suspenseful music, the shady characters, the lurking night-time shadows...I could go on.

Howard Hawks did make some great films and this must rate as one of his very best. It's become famous for helping to cement Lauren Bacall's life-long relationship with Humph, probably the most loved and respected (and no doubt, envied) courtship in Hollywood history. The black & white photography is remarkably efficient and deceptively simple, yet has all the detail and complexities it needs. There's a real art in making a movie flow so easily and naturally.

ALL those who even think of themselves as movie buffs, film-lovers or really anybody, who appreciates a fine film must see The Big Sleep at least once. It does come up on TCM occasionally and it's well worth the effort in tracking down the DVD. Comment Comment | Permalink

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