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The Passage (1979) 1080p

The Passage is a movie starring Anthony Quinn, James Mason, and Malcolm McDowell. During World War II, a Basque shepherd is approached by the underground, who wants him to lead a scientist and his family across the Pyrenees while...

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The Synopsis for The Passage (1979) 1080p

During World War II, a Basque shepherd is approached by the underground, who wants him to lead a scientist and his family across the Pyrenees while being pursued by a sadistic German.

The Director and Players for The Passage (1979) 1080p

[Director]J. Lee Thompson
[Role:]Malcolm McDowell
[Role:]Anthony Quinn
[Role:]Patricia Neal
[Role:]James Mason

The Reviews for The Passage (1979) 1080p

great cast, wrong director, writer, is half the story of this filmReviewed byrandal-chalmersVote: 3/10

This film was viewed by myself on TV about 20 years back, I caught it again one night, & it was more dull than bad quality. The main failure behind it is a stodgy script, which, in hands other than the original author, had much potential, it was as if the filmmakers had started out with the priority of getting the right cast & movie makers, and expecting the rest would fall into place. Many years ago, my daily paper ran a story, this was that the producers behind it created the film as a tax loss, and it never had been intended to be a financial success, but to save the producers, who are experienced and many fold, on their tax bill at year's end. That would certainly explain the dreadful script.

An original New York Times Online film review hints clearly at the suspicion of the tax break allegation: quote: "The Passage" is so awful you must suspect it was designed to be someone's tax write-off. As such it should be a smashing success. and later on: "In addition no less than six companies are involved in the film's production, "presentation" and release.'

The film has minor compensations, the acting is not as bad as some reviewers allege, & it moves along fast enough to avoid the journey slowing one down too much. Not a good film in any respect however.

Back Passage would be a more suitable title.Reviewed bySteveResinVote: 3/10

Anthony Quinn helps family fleeing the Nazi's cross the Pyrenees. James Mason is the father and Malcolm McDowell the SS maniac hunting them down. There's also a cameo from Christopher Lee.... with a cast like that you can't go wrong, right? Well sadly you can go very wrong. McDowell is just shockingly bad in this film, his Nazi character is the most clichéd and laughable depiction of a SS chief I've ever seen, Quinn & Mason were blatantly just picking up the pay cheque and the direction and production is so shoddy you don't even get to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Little wonder it's a forgotten relic. McDowell even dons a pair of underpants with a swastika emblazoned on the front. Yes it's THAT bad.

One of the Very Worst Films Ever Made by a Major Production CompanyReviewed bydianerpessler-46164Vote: 1/10

An insult to the intelligence of audiences worldwide and a smear upon their very souls, this film is among the true insults to the art of cinema. Disgusting in almost every way imaginable and indiscriminate in its violence and sadism, the director seems to strive desperately to terrorize his audience by filming the most unholy scenes possible. Quinn is awful but not nearly as ridiculously insane as McDowell is in what could only jokingly be called a "performance." His goofy murderer Nazi may have been intended as over the top but it is actually sewer level stupid. This is not only the very worst motion picture ever made about the Second World War. It is simply one of the worst films ever made and has nothing at all to recommend it in the very slightest. I saw this in London when it was first released and have never forgotten how really bad a film it was. Despicable, sickening, and beneath contempt. Not to mention a complete waste of time. Trash, garbage, celluloid rot, and much more.

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