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The Wasp Woman (1959)

The Wasp Woman is a movie starring Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, and Barboura Morris. A scientist develops a youth formula for a cosmetics queen from jelly taken from queen wasps, failing to anticipate the typical horrible side...

IMDB: 4.64 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 61
  • IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 
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The Synopsis for The Wasp Woman (1959) 720p

Janice Starlin, the owner of a cosmetics firm, sees that her fading beauty is not only causing waves in her personal life but causing some prestige problems for her also-fading business. She becomes an easy mark for a pseudo-scientist, Eric Zinthrop, who claims to have developed a serum from the enzymes of wasps that will turn aging skin to youthful-looking skin. The second-best thing to a time machine. She, without any hesitation, agrees to be the first human to try the Zinthro injections. But, as her beauty returns, her secretary, Mary Dennison, and her advertising executive, Bill Lane, notices she is also having a personality change and it isn't for the better, albeit she was no Miss Congegeniality to begin with. Then, Zinthrop gets hit by an automobile, for plot-development purposes, and is somewhat incapacitated and not in any shape to be whipping up any new batches of Zinthrop's Wasp Enzyme Injection Serum and, without her enzyme injections, Janice turns into a wasp-like woman ...

The Director and Players for The Wasp Woman (1959) 720p

[Director]Roger Corman
[Role:]William Roerick
[Role:]Barboura Morris
[Role:]Susan Cabot
[Role:]Anthony Eisley

The Reviews for The Wasp Woman (1959) 720p

Nicely made Corman B FilmReviewed bymstomasoVote: 6/10

The Baron of B, Roger Corman, released this classy low-budget sci-fi horror film in 1960. Susan Cabot plays a successful business woman who owns a cosmetics firm. The key to her success has been her own face, but she is aging and her sales are beginning to fall. She soon meets a scientist who may have a solution - but is he a charlatan? A con-artist? a madman? Surprisingly - apparently not.

The story is basically a morality play about vanity, greed, and the usual science gone-awry, but the film is much less heavy-handed than many contemporary sci-fi movies.

Wasp Woman does a number of things very well:

* The acting is all good - especially Susan Cabot and Barboura Morris

* (uncharacteristic of Corman): Not a scene is wasted - everything is relevant and there are no long pan shots.

* (characteristic of Corman): the sets are well chosen, detailed and remarkably good given the very low budget.

* The story is developed slowly and in detail - the main character is treated sympathetically and the story incorporates elements of tragedy rare for the genre.

Despite it's classiness, even those who see films like this for their humor value will find a few things to be amused about - with or without MST3K.

Recommended for genre fans and Cormanites.

What kind of injection do you need to get through movies like this?Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 5/10

Female CEO of a cosmetics firm, concerned about her fading looks, turns to an erstwhile professor to help restore her youth through injections filled with the enzymes found in wasps (he's just been fired from his work on a bee farm, where he was caught going rogue!). Roger Corman-directed quickie, distributed theatrically by "The Filmgroup," is operating on perhaps one cylinder, thanks mostly to a stock-screamer screenplay which might have been scrawled on a single sheet of paper. Our heroine has no personality; she's been written and portrayed without any dimensions or sympathetic qualities. Eager to be beautiful again (and ditch those homely glasses!), the impatient businesswoman begins injecting the enzymes herself after-hours--but what is she to do when the serum runs out and the professor has been sideswiped by a car and now lies in a coma? Second-feature has a silly-looking monster and hilarious attempts at 'natural' water cooler chit-chat, but B-movie addicts might find this shamefacedly irresistible. From the wooden acting to the flat dialogue to the buzzing of the Wasp Woman, the camp factor here--as with so many of the low-budget '50s monster movies--is dangerously high. ** from ****

Buzz off, you uncanny ladybug!Reviewed byCoventryVote: 6/10

Like none of his other late 50's/early 60's horror & Sci-Fi tryouts (and there were quite a lot of them), "The Wasp Woman" truly proves that Roger Corman was, and still is, a very creative and versatile filmmaker! The plot of his ultra-low budget quickie is mundane and unbelievably predictable, yet the whole film is stuffed with ingenious little twists and elements that make the premise feel fresh and original nevertheless! There are very few directors out there, apart from Corman, able to achieve this! Susan Cabot, who starred in a handful of contemporary Corman productions, plays a businesswoman leading a prominent cosmetics company. She's unable to accept her own natural ageing process and righteously fears that her looks will bring down the monthly profits. When a scientist announces that he developed a rejuvenation liquid by extracting enzymes of ordinary wasps, Janice Starling immediately wants to commercialize it and test it on herself. The miraculous discovery is highly efficient, but when Janice injects herself with too much doses, she transforms into a murderous wasp overnight. "The Wasp Woman" is no more or no less than fun & undemanding Sci-Fi entertainment! The film has a good pace and there's the occasional suspenseful moment to enjoy. The monster-transformations and special effects are really tacky but what else did you expect considering the money that was involved? This charming little movie may not be very appealing to the younger generation of fans, but I warmly recommend it to admirers of classic science fiction. The rating here on IMDb is WAY too low!

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